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Air Conditioner Repair, A Must-Have When The Mercury Rises

Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Repair | AC Repair | Atlanta GA

Going without an air conditioner in Atlanta during the sweltering summer months can feel like a torturous existence without end. There’s nothing worse than sitting and sweating inside a home or business without relief.

While you, your family, or your co-workers quickly become more frustrated and miserable as the minutes drone on, reliable air conditioning repair fast becomes the most pressing priority.

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As you’d expect, there’s a whole host of air conditioner contractors across Atlanta promising the best services at the lowest rates, but the truth remains: consumers need to be wary about who these so-called ‘experts’ are and whether or not they are actually qualified to deliver the goods.

With 37 years worth of cooling repair experience to their credit, Ace & A has the record, the reputation, and the skill set that’s unmatched citywide.

Atlanta Air Conditioning Company PhotoAir Conditioning: From Ancient Rome To Your Atlanta Home

From the very beginnings of large-scale civilizations several thousand years ago, humans have actively sought refuge from extreme heat. In Ancient Rome, water was diverted from nearby aqueducts through the walls of certain houses to help keep them cool.

Other technological developments for maintaining cooler structural temperatures such as wind towers and waterproof receptacles for holding rainwater called cisterns were the mode of choice in Medieval Persia.

The ensuing centuries brought more breakthroughs in the on-going push to keep ones cool at all costs: rotary fans in 2nd century China, liquifying ammonia to chill the air in 1820 England, and mechanical ice-making machines a generation later. It wasn’t until 1902 that the first modern electrical air-conditioning system was invented by recent Cornell University graduate Willis Haviland Carrier.

Call 404-378-5060 To Speak With An Air Conditioning Repair Specialist Or Schedule a Service Call.

Essentially unchanged over the last 100 years, air conditioning units control the temperature, humidity, and the air-quality in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings through a series of electrical components, motors, ducts, pipes, compressors, fans, switches, and thermostats.

With so many varying components all needing to operate in unison, it’s no surprise that air conditioners can break down without warning.

Required AC service may be the result of any number of issues: improperly operating fan belts, frozen coils, rusted condensation pans, faulty fan compressor, poor thermostat calibration, blocked input valve, leaky freon, or the AC unit may be short-circuited to the ground causing the circuit breakers to fail every time the machine is turned on.

Obviously, the art of air conditioning operation and subsequent repair has become quite a bit more complicated since the bygone era of the Roman Empire, so make sure you hire the right air conditioning repair service today so you don’t have to ‘loose your cool’ tomorrow.

The ‘Coolest’ Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair Company: Ace & A

When the temperature starts to climb and disaster strikes your air conditioning unit, don’t waste your precious time and money dealing with an amateur repair company. In the short run, you might save a few dollars, but you’ll pay for it dearly in the long haul . . . especially come summertime.

Ace & A’s continuous efforts to provide the highest quality customer care and professionalism for all your air conditioning concerns has not only helped us stay in business since 1975, but has cemented a community reputation that simply can’t be beat.

For the sort of air conditioning repair that’s both cool and confident, trust       Ace & A.

Call 404-378-5060 To Speak With An Atlanta AC Repair Specialist Or Schedule a Service Call.