Don’t Go A Day Without AC!

Going a day or even an hour without air conditioning during the hot summer months is not something you want to endure. It is a horrible experience that no one wants to go through. Ace & A provides 24-hour emergency service to those that have an emergency in the worst of times. Our certified technicians will be on site in no time ready to provide you with a quick, no hassle estimate to start your repairs. We quickly explain all costs (no hidden agendas) and service steps so that you know what to expect upfront. For those problems that are more serious, such as a full air conditioner replacement, we do offer financing plans. Whatever your problem is we will work with you to make sure your home or business is back up and running before you know it.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Service and repairs can be quite expensive, but we make sure you get the very best for your money and always have promotions available to assist you. Once we are on site, we will diagnose your problem and then determine what the next steps should be with you. We will work around your schedule to make sure we make any repairs when it’s convenient for you.

Certified HVAC Technicians

All employees are trained and educated.

You never have to worry about what problem your air conditioner has because our technicians hold State Licenses, EPA Certified Refrigeration Licenses and Ace & A holds a Certificate of Insurance. We can assure you that you are getting the best technicians in their field. Each of our technicians is properly trained in customer service and maintains professionalism, respect and due diligence at all times. Allow our team of experts show you why we are the best locally owned HVAC company in the Atlanta metro area.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

We install the very best brands of air conditioners from the most reputable manufacturers. All new installations and replacements come with manufacturer warranties for future service and repairs. If you are not sure what is best for your home or business, we can provide you with professional advice to make sure you get the best product with the efficiencies and capabilities you need. We work with you to ensure the process is seamless and at your convenience.

Air Conditioning Service Maintenance

Routine maintenance and timely repairs will ensure your system remains healthy long-term. We can set up a service maintenance plan for you to ensure your system gets the proper service over time to make sure it lasts as long as it should and you get the most out of your warranty. The better you take care of your air conditioner now the happier you will be years down the line.


Residential air conditioning units are quite simple with the evaporator coils and blower inside the home and the compressor and condenser coils outside. It is a split-system technology that is used in most residential homes. Commercial systems, however, are self-contained in one large package.


Commercial air conditioning units are unique in that they require much more power than residential units. We specialize in both and will make sure your commercial unit is big enough and powered properly to cool the amount of space needed. We will make sure the building has adequate zoning so that all rooms are cooled without affecting the others.

We will be there when you need us

Decades of reliable service, honest customer service, and committed professionals. Call us when you need us, we will be ready.


We will be there when you need us

Decades of reliable service, honest customer service, and committed professionals. Call us when you need us, we will be ready.